Granville County water issues that triggered filters in schools date back to 2013

OXFORD, N.C. (WNCN) — Granville County Schools will provide filtered coolers of water to students, teachers and staff indefinitely at 10 of its schools because of issues with the local water supply.

The South Granville Sewer and Water Association (SGWASA) said in a notice to customers that it was in violation of a drinking water standard after finding high levels of haloacetic acids. The water supplier, however, insists the water is safe to drink.

Water customer Dorothy Farrier told CBS North Carolina that message wasn’t clear and she’s been drinking bottled water instead.

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“I think that they need to do something about the water. Do something about it if they can for everybody – children and adults,” she said.

A Granville County Schools spokesman told CBS North Carolina the decision to provide filtered water came after some parents expressed concern after receiving the notice from SGWASA at their homes.


The school official said it is just another option. They can still bring water from home or drink from the water fountains.

“SGWASA understands Granville County School’s desire to provide students with an alternative,” said Linda Jordan, chair of SGWASA.

After calling and stopping by the SGWASA office, CBS North Carolina was directed to Jordan as the person to answer questions.

She told CBS North Carolina that the acid levels detailed in the notice are the latest occurrence in a string of issues going back to 2013.

“Any technical questions regarding that particular process, I would suggest that you provide me those questions and I can address that with the SGWASA director,” Jordan said.

CBS North Carolina also asked what Jordan would say to people who don’t have confidence that the issue will now be fixed.

“I would say that we have a new board,” Jordan said.

She went on to add she is new to the board and that SGWASA also recently hired a new consulting firm – Hazen and Sawyer.

“Hopefully not long,” Jordan said about how long the issues might last.

“As I said, we’re working with Hazen and Sawyer, so as soon as they do their findings, we’ll start implementing those changes immediately,” she added.

Jordan said that should be around December.

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