Parents rally at General Assembly over class-size mandate

(Carleigh Griffeth/CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Tuesday night, parents and education advocates sent a message to state lawmakers as they made their way into the General Assembly for a special session. People there said that unless lawmakers take action immediately, more teachers will be losing their jobs in the coming months.

They say it is a somewhat complicated issue that started with a 2016 budget provision mandating smaller class sizes for kindergarten through third grades. Making smaller classes means you need more space and more teachers. To compensate, schools are eliminating teachers for things like art, music, physical education and drama. Some layoffs have already happened, and more are expected.

“Instead of going to PE, they’re sitting in their classroom and their teacher has to come up with another period of time to keep them educated and entertained. They’re only getting PE once every week and a half, they’re only getting art once every week and a half they have lost instruction,” said parent Renee Sekel.

It’s unclear at this point if this issue will be addressed in the GA’s special session.

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