911 call: ‘You are gonna die today,’ Chapel Hill kidnapper tells victim

(Michael Hyland/CBS North Carolina)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — A woman kidnapped at gunpoint outside a Chapel Hill last month was told by the suspect she was going to die that day as he needed money, according to 911 calls released to CBS North Carolina.

The initial kidnapping happened on September 27 in the Wendy’s parking lot at 100 Scarlett Drive in Chapel Hill at about 8:50 a.m., officials said.

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The suspect showed a “small, silver handgun” and forced the victim to get back into a vehicle, then drive to Raleigh, officials said.

“He said, ‘This is what we are going to do. We are going to go inside you are going to give me all the money,'” the victim told 911 dispatch. “He started threatening. He was like, ‘You are gonna die today. I need money.'”

The suspect took the victim’s cash before exiting the vehicle.

“He got out of my car somewhere near a road called St. Mary’s. He was talking to himself a lot,” the victim. “After he got out of my car, I just kept driving straight.”

A manager at Wendy’s told CBS North Carolina the victim is an employee who was leaving to deposit money at the bank when the suspect approached her.

The employee typically leaves around that time of day to make the deposit. The manager said she was unsure how much money the man took.

The victim described the kidnapper as tall and thin, with long, wavy hair, according to authorities. Police had initially said the victim described the man’s hair as blonde or light-colored, shoulder-length dreadlocks, but later issued an update. He was wearing black skinny sweatpants, a black sweat top and a dirty orange shirt, police say the victim told them.

He had a leaf tattoo on his left hand, as well as a tattoo on one of the middle fingers of his left hand, according to a town news release.

Police ask anyone who knows about the crime to call them at (919) 968-2760 or Crime Stoppers at (919) 942-7515.


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