A.B. Combs Elementary students celebrate ‘International Walk to School Day’

A.B. Combs students, staff and parents walked to school on "International Walk to School Day" (Lauren Haviland/CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Wednesday is “International Walk to School Day” and schools across the country are celebrating.

Here in Raleigh, about 1,000 A.B. Combs Elementary students, plus their parents and staff, walked from a local church to the school Wednesday morning.

This is the fifteenth time the school has participated.

The day promotes healthy behavior and walking safety for not only students, but drivers as well.

“Honor the speed limit in schools zones. Stay off your cellphones as you’re driving through a school zone community,” said principal Muriel Summers. “Just be forever mindful that children are walking, and their safety is always our number one concern.”


Aldea Douglas with the North Carolina Department of Transportation said that the department hopes kids enjoy the walk and want to continue doing it after today.

“Hopefully they will think about walking to school as a great way and a active way to get to school everyday and that’s what we are trying to encourage across the state,” she said.

James Hopkins, principal at Lakewood Elementary, echoed Douglas’ sentiments.

“It’s all about developing healthy habits we want to make sure our students understand the importance of physical activity especially at the elementary school level. We want this to carry to middle school and high school and hopefully into adult life,” he said.

Since it was created, it’s estimated that about 10,000 schools have participated to help raise awareness.

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