Spate of break-ins plagues northeastern Wake County

The aftermath of one of the burglaries.

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Authorities are investigating a series of break-ins and robberies in northwest Wake County. CBS North Carolina has learned that 13 homes in a ten-mile radius were hit in a three-day period last week.

Clay Adams said his home was ransacked.

“The door here, they busted it out with a lawn chair and reached in; and just unlocked it. Because at the time we didn’t have an alarm system,” Adams explained. “They came in and just started to just rip everything out. All the cabinets were open up here. Inside the laundry room here they kind of opened this up and just tore everything out of the laundry room.”

That thief or thieves sprayed the family dog, Tron, with mace. Adams said he found Tron locked in the bedroom. A can of mace left on the counter.

“You can see across, the pink in his snout right there where he was scratching. And he’s still got some eye irritation,” Adams said.

It happened last Tuesday. Adams and his girlfriend were away at work.

“A PlayStation with a couple of games. An old gold necklace my mother had given me,” Adams said. He also told CBS North Carolina a handgun, knife and pair of sneakers were stolen. He estimates the value of all of it at a couple thousand dollars.

A day after Adams’ home was hit, Barrett Elkio’s home in Wake Forest was burgled.

“Its like a violation. Someone was in your house. Messing things up. You’re looking around to see what was stolen,” Elkio said.

Elkio said the robbery took place in broad daylight. The perpetrator or perpetrators stole a handgun, computer, laptop and tablet. His dog, Bella was also there. Elkio said he found her locked in a bedroom.

Anyone with information on any of these incidents is urged to call police.

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