2nd person comes forward saying object hit vehicle while on I-540

Charlie Mulgrew's vehicle

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Another victim has come forward after CBS North Carolina’s report Wednesday about an unknown object hitting a woman’s windshield on Interstate-540.

Earlier this week, Debbie Goeckerman says she and her husband were driving on I-540 near Lumley Road when an unknown object hit their windshield and glass flew all over her husband’s lap.

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There were not any trucks in front of her and Goeckerman believes someone threw the object at her car.

“I’m just really thankful everything turned out OK and no one was hurt,” said Goeckerman. “I just really hope no one is throwing things at cars because if it is, we really need to get that stopped.”

Now, Charlie Mulgrew tells CBS North Carolina the same thing happened to him about two weeks ago.

He says he was driving eastbound on I-540 when a large object hit his windshield. The driver behind him also pulled over, after the same object hit her windshield.

Neither drivers saw what hit their cars.

“I just pulled over because I didn’t know what happened,” said Mulgrew. “I didn’t see anything that hit me. There weren’t any trucks in front of me that might have dropped something.”

He says the crack looks similar to Goeckerman’s and it happened at the same place and around the same time of day. He believes the similarities between the two incidents are too close to be a coincidence.

“If this happened in rush hour, God forbid that happened, someone could have lost control and cause major damage,” said Mulgrew.

Police say they are looking into the cases and both drivers say if someone is throwing objects at cars they hope police can quickly catch them.

“Now that it’s happened twice in the past two weeks, if you’re going that route you should just think about it,” said Mulgrew.

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