Second informational meeting on GenX leaves many questions

HOPE MILLS, N.C. (WNCN) – The state held its second informational meeting on GenX and water quality surrounding Chemours’ Fayetteville facility.

Residents have expressed concerns about the chemical and its long-term health effects.

“Was there any other chemicals they were dumping?” Robert Moore, a nearby homeowner asked.

“I don’t know the answer to that,” Julie Woosley, the Hazard Waste Section Chief for the DEQ said.

The GenX situation first came to light in June. GenX was found in the lower part of the Cape Fear River. The state said Chemours’ Fayetteville facility was releasing it into the river. That led to further testing of nearby wells.

Earlier this week, the state said 26 residential wells had elevated levels of GenX and directed Chemours to provide them with bottled water.

“How long it been there?” a resident asked.

“Ground water? I don’t know the answer to that,” Woosley responded.

“They made this mess. They should be responsible to be here with you to tell us what’s happening,” Moore said.

CBS North Carolina asked Woosley if Chemours was invited to attend.

“No, we held this the same way we’d hold any public information session,” Woosley said.

The state urged those with elevated levels of GenX not to drink or cook with the water. They also advised against brushing teeth with it.

“In the last year we even lost two pets all of a sudden. So now its concerning, were those pets because they were drinking the water?” Kathy Moore, a nearby homeowner said.

“They’re a little behind on what they need to get done,” Donald Knobloch, a nearby homeowner said.

Neighbors also asked about whether the fish in the river were safe to eat. Other wondered about their livestock and crops. State officials said authorities are looking into it.

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