Recent break-in on Duke’s campus has some worried

(CBS North Carolina)

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – Duke University police are investigating a break-in at a dorm on West campus.

When senior Jason Calixto received the alert that a suspicious person was found on campus last week, it brought back memories.

“Someone came into the dorm,” he said. “Not a student, and stole all of our equipment.”

He says that happened to him last school year. Hearing something similar happened recently worries him.

“How are these people actually getting into the [building],” Calixto asked. “Obviously they’re finding some accessibility to the buildings.”


CBS North Carolina wanted to know how, too.

We emailed Duke officials for an on-camera interview.

The University said, “We are going to decline to participate.”

“I would love to see a little bit more response from the university being like, kind of seeing like this is happening,” Calixto said. “This is happening right before your eyes. Take a little bit more responsibility instead of just being like oh don’t worry, it’s just like a one-time happening, but it’s not.”

Calixto is right.

Last year, there were 34 burglaries and 6 robberies on Duke’s main campus. There were no reported injuries in the most recent break-in, but Calixto feels the University could do more to keep students and their belongings safe.

“It is going to take someone getting hurt,” he asked. “Is it going to take someone getting assaulted or something maybe even worse for the university to be like OK, I guess it’s time to start paying attention to this.”

He says the University should start hiring more security guards to help keep the campus secure.

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