UNC announces campaign to raise $4B over next 5 years; $1B already raised

Hundreds attended the campaign kickoff (AJ Janavel/CBS North Carolina)

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) — UNC Officials announced on Friday plans to raise $4.25 billion dollars over the next five years to fund several areas of study, as well as invest into scholarships.

UNC Officials say it will be a big undertaking.

“It is the biggest campaign announce in North Carolina in history,” said Vice Chancellor for University Development, David Routh.

Routh spoke on stage to a room full of hundreds of people about how the university plans to spend the money.


Chancellor Carol Folt also spoke to the room about the tens of thousands of donations the school has already received. Folt said some donations were as high as tens of millions of dollars from families.

The money will go to several areas of the university.

Some areas of focus include students, faculty, innovation, and new initiatives. The school says they will invest into the arts, science, and a focus on recruiting the best students. UNC officials say $1 billion would focus on scholarships.

“So many things we do is really about the economic activity and jobs and future of the health of North Carolinians. That’s what this campaign is about, as much as people who went to school here and love the university,” said Routh.

Current Students also say they’re happy to see their university looking to continue to improve.

“It’s cool to see them putting a big amount right back into it,” said UNC Senior Charlie Brown.

Brown is music major. He says he is excited to see so much money going into the arts.

He says knowing the school is looking to give students a chance at a UNC education to those who might not be able to afford one, with at least $1 billion in scholarships, is something he would considering donating to himself.

“I’m really grateful to be a part of Carolina and definitely want to contribute in a way to other people who want it. I definitely believe in the experience I’ve had here,” said Brown.

Even though the official campaign was announced Friday, over the last few years the school has already raised more than $1 billion towards their goal.

A single donation of $50 million from one family was announced at the campaign launch.

UNC officials say they hope to have the $4.25 billion raised by Dec. 31, 2022.

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