Supporters and opponents sound off as President Trump visits NC

President Trump supporters wait for him along a route he later took in Greensboro Saturday evening. Photo by Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina

GREENSBORO, N.C. (WNCN) — President Donald Trump made a visit to Greensboro Saturday evening in his first trip to North Carolina since the election.

CBS North Carolina obtained a program from the event. CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE

The president was greeted with cheers from some in the crowd in Greensboro.

“We just want to welcome the president and show him that we support him,” said a woman named Carol who would not provide her last name.

Others came out to criticize the president.

“I want to wave my paper towels when he drives by and encourage him to go back to Washington. I’m not happy that he’s here,” said protestor, Bill Spaulding.

Trump was in town for a private fundraiser, which was also attended by former North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory.


Some people questioned the president’s priorities for endorsing an event raising money for politicians when many are still suffering from the recent hurricanes.

“This was disgusting,” said protestor, Joshua Brown. “Here they are having great dinners and there are people suffering in Puerto Rico. We just talked to someone who hasn’t been in contact with most of her family for 11 days. They’re still without power.”

“Well, I think they just have to realize they lost the election,” said Trump supporter Randy Comer. “They should support their president and I think he’s doing an absolute job and I think he’s gonna go down as the best president ever.”

The event was expected to raise $2 million, with donors paying up to $35,000 per couple to serve as co-hosts.

“I think you would probably find that every other politician is out raising money right now as well and these are events that are planned way ahead of time,” the woman named Carol said.

A year after Hurricane Matthew, the North Carolina Democratic Party calling on Trump to donate the money raised from the fundraiser to Matthew victims in North Carolina.

“We suffered from Hurricane Matthew about a year ago and when Trump came into office he hurt our state,” Brown said. “He only reimbursed about one percent when that happened.”

Some Greensboro locals held a pop up fundraiser Saturday to protest the president’s visit and to raise money for hurricane victims in Puerto Rico.

CBS North Carolina reached out to the North Carolina Republican Party, but they declined our request for an interview. We also reached out to the White House, but have not heard back.

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