Raleigh man says delivery driver hit him with truck

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — A north Raleigh man says a delivery driver knocked him to the ground with the delivery truck.

The incident happened while Scott Clark was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher after calling to complain about the driver.

CBS North Carolina obtained a copy of the 911 call which includes much of an argument between Clark and the driver. Clark’s wife was on the phone at the time her husband fell to the ground.

“He knew I was back here. He knew I was getting the license plate, and he backed the truck straight into me,” Clark said Friday.


“I can’t believe that the value of a piece of cardboard, was more valuable than human life. This guy intentionally drove into me twice.”

Clark said a contractor courier truck delivering a package for FedEx drove down his driveway Wednesday. He had an issue with another delivery driver two years ago when a truck went through his yard and damaged a water line.

Clark said a FedEx administrator at the Durham distribution terminal told him at the time to keep an eye out and to report any future issues.

Clark said drivers are not supposed to enter his driveway, but on Wednesday, he heard a loud noise outside and found a big delivery truck wedged in between his car and his wife’s SUV. Clark described the vehicle as a Budget rental truck with no identification as being a contractor for FedEx. He said he frequently sees such trucks making deliveries in his neighborhood.

Clark described the vehicle as a Budget rental truck with no identification as being a contractor for FedEx. He said he frequently sees such trucks making deliveries in his neighborhood.

“I told the driver I just wanted to get some information. I just wanted his name,” Clark said.

“My wife had come out. I asked her to get a telephone to call 911 as he was threatening me using the most vile language,” Clark added.

The 911 call operator directed Clark to stay away from the driver, who can be heard on the 911 call shouting profanities. Clark said he saw the driver reach to his side several times and told the dispatcher he was afraid the man had a gun.

He got the numbers off the front of the truck and then moved to the back of the truck to record the license plate information. His wife then took over the call.

“My husband’s behind the truck because he doesn’t want him to leave,” she said.

“Can you get your husband to get out from out behind the truck,” the dispatcher asked.

“Do you want this guy to leave? Because he’s going to leave,” Clark’s wife said.

Seconds later, she told the dispatcher that her husband was on the ground. Clark said the driver backed into him so he tried to move out of the way, but then he got hit again.

Then the driver stopped and Clark’s wife approached the driver with the phone.

“Do you want to talk to this guy,” she said to the dispatcher.

“I would love to if you wouldn’t mind giving him your phone,” the dispatcher said.

“Hello, yes ma’am, hey how you doing,” the driver said.

The man continued to yell at Clark while on the phone with the dispatcher, calling him a liar and telling the 911 operator that Clark was miming and faking an injury. The delivery driver stayed on the line until deputies arrived.

Clark said he is not looking for a lawsuit. He wants an apology from FedEx and for the driver to be removed from the road.

“I reached out to corporate and I said ‘I’d like to have someone to discuss this matter with me. I do not want that individual ever here again’,” Clark said.

David Westrick, a spokesman for FedEx Ground Media Relations, provided a written statement Friday afternoon to CBS North Carolina.

“This alleged behavior is inconsistent with the professionalism that FedEx Ground contracted service providers demonstrate every day in safely and securely delivering millions of packages to our customers. We are reviewing this incident and are cooperating fully with investigating authorities,” Westrick said.

Customers who wish to file complaints with FedEx can contact support by calling 1.800.GO.FEDEX or emailing the particular division at http://www.fedex.com/us/customersupport/email/

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