‘Primetime with the Pack’ kicks off NC State’s basketball season

Photo by Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Thousands of Wolfpack fans spent part of their Friday evening waiting in line outside Reynold’s Coliseum.

“Since it’s my first year I’m really excited to see how the basketball team does this year,” said North Carolina State University freshman Lexi Land. “I have a lot of faith in them. Go Wolfpack!”

“Especially since we’re doing so great in sports this year, we are all really hyped up and ready to go in and we’re at the front of the line so we’re gonna get some free shirts,” said N.C. State sophomore Karan Malhotra.

David Jones says he’s been a fan for more than 40 years and when it comes to ‘Primetime with the Pack,’ he’s a veteran.


“About 20 to 25 times, so we’ve really had a good time,” said Jones. “You see the new players, the coaches doing crazy stuff, the players dancing and I think we have red panda tonight so it’s gonna be really fun.”

Following three consecutive blowout losses, N.C. State fired Coach Matt Gottfried last season, but Friday night fans got to meet their new coach, Kevin Keatts.

“He is the best coach we’ve hired in 30 years here. Without a doubt he’s gonna have up tempo, we’re gonna be able to get really good players to play here,” said Jones. “He’s making a family atmosphere for the team.”

“I think he did a really good job with Wilmington’s program, so, I’m excited to see what he does here at state,” said N.C. State senior Savannah Arnette.

Senior Neelam Modi is hoping N.C. State will be victorious her final year of college.

“I’m hopeful yeah, definitely more hopeful than last season,” said Modi. “Let me tell you, it can only go up from here.”

Wolfpack fans can check out the men’s N.C. State basketball team on Nov. 3 when they play their first exhibition game. The women’s team hosts their first exhibition game on Nov. 2.

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