Pizza shop apologizes after police receive offensive receipt

WAVY image

NORFOLK, Va. (WAVY) — Del Vecchios, a popular Norfolk pizza joint, is apologizing after an employee typed an inappropriate message on a customer’s receipt. That customer is a Norfolk police officer.

A photo of the receipt obtained by WAVY-TV shows that customer paid for a salad and two slices of pizza around 8 p.m. Wednesday, and received a generous 50 percent discount.


They also received a little something else — a message that read, “F—–Tha Police.”

A Norfolk Police spokesperson confirms the customer was one of their officers. Customers we spoke with outside the restaurant on Friday were appalled.

“My dad’s a police officer, so no. that’s not okay,” said one person.

“I think that’s kind of messed up,” commented another.

Some on the Del Vecchios Facebook page defended the comment, claiming to be law enforcement and saying it was a long-standing joke that went too far.

Not every customer sees it that way.

“I just think its unbelievable. I feel like some opinions should be kept to themselves. They shouldn’t be out in the public like that. people think they can just do whatever nowadays,” said customer Sherise Sharpe.

Del Vecchios posted an apology on Facebook, saying the receipt does “not represent our establishment adequately.”

In a separate reply to a comment, Del Vecchios says, “The person responsible will no longer be with our company.”

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