Wake County bartenders say one man is taking them for a ride

(Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Some Wake County bartenders say a possible con-artist is at large, and they think he’s targeting people in the service industry.

They say it’s the same scam and they believe it’s the same guy too.

Bartenders say this man is going bar to bar with one intention: to rip off bartenders. We’ve blurred his face in this security video from a Raleigh bar because he has not been charged with any crime.

“Maybe they don’t realize it’s not a victimless crime. It’s not against a business,” said Bison Bartender Sean. “It’s very personal. It’s coming out of bartenders’ pockets.”

Morgan Saddler bartends at Kickback Jack’s in Garner. She says she fell for the scam.

“I got on the phone with him and he started giving me this story about how his truck was being towed from our parking lot and he didn’t have any cash on him and if I let him borrow $60 that he would bring it right back,” Saddler said. “He made it seem like he was one of our frequent customers.”

Saddler says when he came in she thought maybe he looked familiar.

“I let him borrow the $60, told him it was my last 60 dollars really please bring it back, and two o’clock came around when we were leaving, and that’s when I realized he wasn’t coming back,” said Saddler.

CBS North Carolina spoke with six bartenders from six different bars in Wake County who say the same man came in with the same story.

“He’s depending on people’s kindness, which hurts us all because somebody’s going to come in and need that money,” said Randy Wilson, Owner of Sharky’s Place.

A bartender at the Bison also had a bad feeling. He says the man was not happy when he refused to lend him the money.

“Practically irate,” Sean said. “He was very upset and he said, ‘But we just talked on the phone!’ I said, ‘I’m sorry. I don’t know who you are.’”

All of the bartenders we spoke to say they did not report the crime to the police, but they do plan on reporting it now.

Police say it would be difficult to charge this guy with any crime because these people are willingly lending him money and he isn’t stealing it, but they are still encouraging the public to report these incidents so they can investigate.

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