Restraining order remains in place for Raleigh-based e-retailer

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh man who runs an online retail store is facing new allegations after the North Carolina attorney general said he engaged in deceptive business practices.

Last May, consumer reporter Steve Sbraccia took complaints about eRummagers to the attorney general’s office and last week a judge issued a temporary restraining order against the company.

Monday, a hearing was held to issue a preliminary restraining order, but the owner of the company showed up in court without a lawyer, telling the judge he needed more time to get an attorney to defend himself.


Nsikakabasi Udofia, who also goes by the name Caleb, refused to talk to CBS North Carolina after the hearing, ignoring questions about you why so many people have complaints about eRummagers not delivering goods, and why so many people have not received their refunds for goods never shipped.

As Sbraccia tried to question him, Udofia ran down the stairwell of the Wake County Courthouse.

Before Udofia ran down the stairway, he faced Judge Graham Shirley.

The state asked the judge to issue a preliminary injunction against Udofia’s company eRummagers.

The attorney general says the company is selling products but not delivering them.

Assistant Attorney General Kristine Ricketts revealed new allegations against Udofia.

“The state has considerable concerns about the defendant’s compliance with our temporary restraining order,” Assistant Attorney General Kristine Ricketts told the judge.

The AG also alleges Udofia created a new company, whose records CBS North Carolina found at the Secretary of State’s Office, calling itself Kente Sunwear. The attorney general claims Udofia is using that new company to sell goods.

“The entity is also an online retailer selling merchandise on a prepaid basis. It offers some of the same products eRummagers failed to deliver,” said Ricketts.

During the hearing, Udofia’s father was in court. Afterwards he defended his son.

“I’m here to support my son. He’s never done anything criminal, not at all,” said Ephraim Udofia.

Udofia’s father also said his son ran from CBS North Carolina cameras because “he’s under pressure” and claimed “his son’s side of the story is not being told.”

“It’s only one side of the story. No one is covering his side,” said Ephraim.

Sbraccia explained that not only did he try to talk to his son after court Monday, but that he’s knocked on his door twice since May seeking an interview. Last week, when CBS North Carolina knocked on the door of Udofia’s home, someone pulled back the curtains next to the door, looked, but didn’t answer.

The judge gave Udofia until Thursday to find a lawyer and return to court.

In the meantime, the judge said the temporary restraining order against eRummagers continues and the company cannot do business while it’s in effect.

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