NC DOT taking closer look at Benson intersection after CBS North Carolina request

BENSON, N.C. (WNCN) – The crash happened less than three minutes after the school bus left the Meadow School in Johnston County.


The North Carolina State Highway Patrol said Jessica Ventura, 17, was behind the wheel of the Ford Mustang when it ran a stop sign and collided with the school bus.

Chris Baucom had seen it before. There was another school bus crash at N.C. 96 and Godwin Lake Road back in September.

“She didn’t stop at all for the stop sign. She just kept right on going and she ran under the bus,” said Baucom, who lives near the scene.

CBS North Carolina reached out to North Carolina Department of Transportation looking for crash data for the intersection.

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They sent us the information and then said that based in part on CBS North Carolina’s request, they were sending a crew out to the intersection to take a closer look.

According to N.C. DOT’s report, between October 2012 and September 2017 there were four accidents at that intersection. All of them had injuries, but no fatalities.

The most recent bus accident wasn’t included because it happened in October.

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“My husband, myself and my children were actually in the car and we had a car almost T-bone us right at that very intersection. They were going probably 60 miles per hour, never saw the stop sign and blew right through the intersection, said Laura Skoczylas, a neighbor.

Skoczylas said it happened about six months ago. And she’s not alone — she’s spoken with neighbors who have similar stories.

“The problem is visibility and maybe not being familiar with, you know, the area,” Skoczylas said.


“Something needs to be done because, if not, there’s going to be loss of life,” another neighbor, Kim Parker, said.

The North Carolina DOT said they’ll be looking at the type of crashes and signage in place. They’ll also be taking measurements.

That should take about two weeks. CBS North Carolina will keep you posted on what they find.

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