Elevated levels of GenX found in 15 more homeowners’ wells in Fayetteville

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Test results at fifteen more wells near Chemours’ Fayetteville facility show elevated levels of GenX, according to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality.

The chemical company has been directed by state officials to provide bottled water to the 15 new well owners who have been impacted.

The test results showed that GenX was above the provisional state health goal of 140 parts per trillion in the homeowners’ wells, officials said.

“Ensuring that North Carolinians have clean water continues to be our focus,” said Michael Regan, secretary of the N.C. Department of Environmental Quality.

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According to officials, 50 residential well owners near the company’s Fayetteville facility are getting bottled water from the company due to elevated levels of the chemical in their water.

DEQ and Chemours have sampled 128 residential wells near the facility since September, state officials said. Out of those, 43 wells had GenX levels below the health goal and 35 showed no GenX at all.

Chemours expanded their sampling of wells near their Fayetteville facility beginning on Oct. 11. The company is testing around 450 properties within one mile of the company’s boundaries in order to find the “edge of the contamination plume,” according to DEQ.

“Well water sampling will continue until we find where the contamination ends. We will do spot checks to verify Chemours’ results, and notify well owners of results as we receive them,” said Regan.

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