Unattended child found locked outside NC daycare, woman says

Photo by Tina Quizon via WBTV

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) — A woman captured video of a toddler she claims was locked outside of a daycare in Charlotte Wednesday evening.

MORE NEWS: Not all child care centers in NC are regulated the same way

Now, The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services is considering next steps in reviewing the incident.

Tina Quizon said she was walking outside Wednesday evening when heard a child crying. She was concerned so she looked to find where the sound was coming from.


She said she found an unattended child crying and trying to open the back door to the daycare along Ingle Street in Charlotte. WBTV is not naming the daycare because charges have not been filed.

Quizon estimates the child may have been outside for more than ten minutes, but she was concerned that the child was left behind and nobody was around to help.

“My concern is the signs on the daycare say that they close at 5:30, this was almost 5:45,” Quizon said.

She notified her work supervisor and they went to help the child and see if there was anyone at the daycare to get him to safety.

She saw the workers when she went in the daycare and told them that the child was locked outside and trying to get in.

Quizon said the workers went to get the child but were unaware if he had been outside for long. One worker allegedly said she thought he went home for the day.

“Even one minute is too long for a child to be unattended, especially in a very industrial area, and your mind just sort of races of the possibilities of things that could go wrong,” Quizon said.

She said she saw reports of an employee being fired from the daycare, but wasn’t sure. She said that the workers’ unawareness was very concerning.

“As a parent, I would really be concerned that I’m leaving my child in your custody and I’m paying you to watch over and protect my child but you’re not aware of where your child is,” Quizon said. “As a community, it takes all of us to keep children safe.”

The daycare declined to comment when WBTV reached out for a statement concerning the incident.

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