‘It was horrifying’: Man describes moments surrounding church shooting

SUTHERLAND SPRINGS, Texas (KXAN) – It was just another Sunday morning for Kevin Jordan and his family.


He was changing his vehicle’s oil and listening to the kids playing outside First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs when he heard gunshots. The church is just across the street from his house.

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“I hear the guy start shooting and I look up and I see him walking towards the church shooting,” described Jordan “He was wearing for sure a facemask. I couldn’t see his face or anything, but he saw me and he was wearing a vest and everything.”

Jordan says the suspect, identified as Devin Kelley, shot at him and the bullet went through a window barely missing his little boy, “he screamed and was crying and I grabbed him and I got my wife and we ran into my bathroom and locked the door… locked ourselves in it.”


When Jordan heard silence he rushed his family to his grandmother’s house nearby. He then ran back to the church and started helping friends.

“It was horrifying,” said Jordan. “I just ran to the first person and started to wrap up gunshot wounds and trying to hold pressure for people.” Jordan says it was a neighbor who stepped in and started shooting back at the gunmen. He say that neighbor stopped him otherwise he says there would have been many more shot.

Jordan said he’s not sure if he saved any lives, but prays he made a difference. “I just did whatever I could, wherever they needed me, wherever they told me to go, I went and helped whatever I could do just trying to help.”

On Sunday evening, dozens of people gathered to hold a vigil for the community and for the people they’ve lost in the shooting.

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