Flat Earth Conference set to kick off in Cary

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – The 2017 Flat Earth International Conference will be in Cary starting Thursday to help “uncover and debunk pseudo-scientific ‘facts,'” organizers say.

Get more info on the 2017 Flat Earth International Conference

This the first flat earth conference hosted by Kryptoz Media and Creation Cosmology Institute.

FEIC is not affiliated with the Flat Earth Society, organizers say on their website.

The group believes the Earth is not only flat but stationary.

“After extensive experimentation, analysis, and research, we have come to know that the truth of our cosmology is not that which we’ve been told,” FEIC says on its website.

The group also believes Antarctica serves as a barrier to keep you from walking off the edge of Earth.

The conference is scheduled to run Thursday and Friday at The Embassy Suites Hotel in Cary off Harrison Oaks Boulevard.

Talks such as “NASA and other Space Lies” along with “Flat Earth & The Bible” fill out the two-day event.

The conference concludes Friday evening with the Flat Earth Video Awards.

While it appears tickets are sold out, you can stream the conference for $27.


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