Google Maps image reveals hiding place for Millennium Falcon

Google maps image

(WCMH) — It takes more than a few shipping containers to hide the Millennium Falcon from the prying eyes of die-hard Star Wars fans.

An aerial image from Google Maps shows the Star Wars ship parked near a golf course across the highway from Longcross Studios, about 25 miles west of London.

The ship is surrounded by shipping containers, in an apparent effort to shield it from curious onlookers. A tarp also appears to cover part of the ship.

It is, however, still visible on Google Maps.

According to SFGate, several high-budget films have been filmed at Longcross, including “Thor: The Dark World,” “Skyfall,” and “Guardians of the Galaxy

“The Last Jedi” hits US theaters on December 15.

Select “satellite” from the drop down list in the map below to see the Millennium Falcon on the map

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