Despite protests, ex-Trump aide Gorka speaks at UNC Chapel Hill

CHAPEL HILL, N.C. (WNCN) – Sebastian Gorka, a former aide to President Donald Trump, spoke at UNC-Chapel Hill Monday night.

“The people dying the most are the Muslims who disagree with the jihadists,” Gorka told the crowd at the Genome Science Building.

Gorka, who is now a Fox News contributor, discussed America’s relationship with Israel and the state of Middle East affairs.


The British-American Gorka worked as a national security aide to Trump from January to August, when Gorka told the AP that he resigned from the administration. A White House official disputed that claim, saying Gorka didn’t resign but “no longer works at the White House.”

Gorka is a former Breitbart News editor whose hard-line view on immigration and terrorism led to discord inside and outside the White House.

Even before he arrived at UNC, protesters gathered.

“He’s a known Islamophobe and anti-Semite, which has no space. This country has no space for hate,” Faisal Khan, the founder of the Carolina Peace Center said.

The Carolina Peace Center and the Indivisible Triangle Daily Call to Action both protested the visit.

“You people never listen all you do is talk,” Deborah Friedman from Durham said.

Friedman confronted one of the protesters.

“This is a good forum to try to educate people that are coming here and to give them another perspective,” Andrew Curley, a UNC student said.

The event was sponsored by UNC Christians United for Israel and UNC College Republicans.

“We are not at war with Islam and our best allies in this war are the Muslims in Egypt, in Jordan,” Gorka said.

He also told CBS North Carolina, “I expect some changes to be imminent. I think by Christmas or January at the latest,” referring to Trump’s current administration.
Gorka said the changes would be among high-level officials but wouldn’t elaborate.

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