Woman forced into nude fetish fight at NC officer’s home, federal court filing claims

CONWAY, S.C. (WBTW) – Horry County officials had cell phone records proving misconduct by a police detective, but it didn’t take any action for months, a federal court filing says.

Attorneys for a woman known only as “Jane Doe 3” are fighting an attempt by Horry County to be dropped from Doe’s federal lawsuit.

The woman claims former detective assaulted her – sometimes sexually — more than 50 times in 2015 while he worked for the Horry County Police Department and forced her to participate in “sexual fetish ‘catfight’ videos.” Her attorneys say they have a copy of one of the videos.

Attorneys for Horry County argued it should be dropped as a defendant from the lawsuit because, the county claimed, the former detective’s alleged misconduct happened outside of work.

The woman’s attorneys disagree because, they say, she met the former detective while he investigated domestic violence cases she was involved in. Furthermore, she “felt forced” to participate in the nude fight videos because of the former detective’s “position of authority” and the presence of “armed law enforcement officers” at one of the fights, the filing says. It doesn’t indicate which agencies employed the officers.

In one instance, the court filing recounts a fight at “the home of a law enforcement officer in North Carolina” where Doe was forced to fight another domestic violence victim.

Doe’s attorneys allege Horry County Police allowed the abuse by waiting four months before taking any action after finding evidence of “inappropriate contact” on Large’s work cell phone.

A grand jury indicted Large in September 2016 with 11 counts of criminal sexual conduct and misconduct in office. Large has pleaded not guilty.

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