Child found in SC home with pig, feces, urine, moldy food; mom arrested

Hannah Hvolboll (Union Police Department)

UNION, S.C. (WSPA) – Union Police say they have charged a mother after a 4-year-old was found in unsanitary living conditions.

Hannah Marie Hvolboll, 25, is charged with unlawful child neglect.

Police say they were called to help EMS with a combative patient at a home on N. Pinckney Street on Nov. 10.

When the officer got there, they entered the home and immediately smelled ammonia inside.


The officer said a large dog was running loose inside the home and there were several pools of urine in the area the dog was in.

The officer was at their patrol car they saw a small child come out on the porch. The child wasn’t wearing socks or shoes, according to the report.

Officers told Hvolboll they were concerned with the living conditions of the home and asked if they could check out the rest of home.

She agreed, according to the report.

Officers say they found the following inside the home:

  • One bedroom floor completely covered with dog feces and urine
  • Filthy refrigerator with mold inside
  • Filthy microwave
  • Beer bottles and piles of clutter throughout the home on the floor in reach of the child
  • Moldy food and mice droppings in cabinets
  • Molded food on the stove
  • Water bong, glass pipe, and small pipe that smelled like marijuana
  • Marijuana grinder with small amount of marijuana inside
  • Grown pig, feces and urine inside bathroom
  • The bathroom with pig inside was only room with running water

Three men were also inside the home.

One of those men was the baby’s father, Mark Leiske.

Police say Leiske was wanted out of Fresno, California, for burglary charges.

The child was taken in to DSS custody.

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