NC town’s ‘cone weed’ decorated for Christmas…but who did it?

Huntersville's "cone weed" (Kristen Hampton | WBTV)

HUNTERSVILLE, N.C. (WBTV) – The west side of the town of Huntersville has a new shining star, and it’s a weed.

UPDATE: NC town’s ‘Cone Weed’ that drew national attention, went viral gets mowed down

Just an old, lowly weed that grew up over the summer inside of an orange safety cone on the side of the road. But once you hear just how much people enjoy it, you may not find it so lowly anymore.

“My son has mowed around it all summer. We’re not sure why, he just did. And apparently the community has taken a liking to it,” said Madeline Phillips, who owns the property just behind the “cone weed.”


While it sprouted up over the summer, it endured well into the fall. Although it’s lost some of its original luster, the weed still stands.

“It’s triumphed over the adversity that it’s faced and it’s become something beautiful,” said Christine Lekovich.

And now, it’s becoming a beacon of Christmas cheer to boot.

Just across from Huntersville Fire Department’s Station 2, the weed was mysteriously decorated with tinsel, ornaments and sparkly bits of joy for the holiday season.

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