Raleigh family fights to keep beloved family dog alive

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – Man’s best friend.

Now, the roles are reversed to dog’s best friend.

“He’s been my best friend since day one,” Carlos Mata said of his 6-year-old American Bulldog, Macho.

Best friends with a bond no one or nothing can separate.

“Me and him have gone through some really rough times where we had been homeless and it’s only me and him sleeping in cars, tattoo shops and gyms,” Carlos said.

Finally settled in a home, Macho became ill.

“He started throwing up. We’re like ‘OK, something is going on.’ He was getting worse and worse and worse,” Carlos said.

Carlos rushed him to the vet.

“There was only one option. Get the surgery done or he’s gonna die.”

Macho had a corncob stuck in his intestines. However, two days later, Carlos says lumps started forming on his chest.

He says the veterinarian couldn’t diagnose the masses.

Then, more lumps appeared.

“He started urinating on himself, he couldn’t move because of the pain,” he said.

He says the vet suggested the worst.

“To me, I was like how did we go from a corncob to now we have to put down our dog,” he said.

They sought the help of a different vet.

“They saw it and said it was an enigma. They had no idea what it was. They had never seen anything like it,” Carlos said.

They were referred to N.C. State University Veterinary Hospital.

“We were probably $2,000 something in the hole,” he said.

The medical bills quickly adding up – well into the thousands.

The diagnosis was an infection plus dead skin.

Another surgery.

“What they told us first, and they said, this is just a theory was that the clamps used while he was under may have caused trauma,” Carlos said.

In total, seven surgeries.

Macho is finally starting to get around, bandages and all. It’s been a tough journey, and it’s not over yet.

Carlos said so far Macho’s medical bills total almost $10,000.

If you’d like to help with Macho’s medical bills, here’s the link to his GoFundMe page.

If you have a crowdfunding story you’d like CBS North Carolina viewers to know about, send Sharon an email.

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