Raleigh looks to create rules for ‘mobile retail’

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – We’ve all heard of food trucks.

But how about fashion trucks?

Raleigh is working on coming up with rules for mobile retail. The owners of mobile retail trucks sell items out of truck, including clothing.

John Pugh is the owner of House of Swank, a t-shirt and clothing store on Bloodworth Street in Raleigh.

Before he had the brick-and-mortar store, he operated out of a truck he calls, “The Swank Tank.”


“We have friends in New York, LA, New Orleans and they do mobile vehicles all the time,” said Pugh.

Now Raleigh is creating rules for them.

“Looking around, I’m starting to see more of it in other cities,” said Raleigh Mayor Nancy McFarlane.

City leaders discussed mobile retail on Tuesday in the Economic Development and Innovation Committee meeting.

They are looking at allowing it on private property, with the property owner’s permission. But, there would be some restrictions, such as the generators could not be too loud and certain items, including alcohol and firearms, couldn’t be sold.

Pugh said he’s glad to see the city taking action now to establish rules for the trucks.

“It’s definitely a growing trend,” he said. “You’re seeing fashion trucks. What I’m most familiar with are fashion trucks and that sort of thing. DC has them. New York has them. It’s a thing and it’s great that Raleigh is addressing this early on instead of down the road.”

The mobile retail rules passed out of committee. There are several steps yet to go. Next, the rules will head to the Raleigh Planning Commission for consideration.

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