Pair of 16-year-olds shot during Durham burglary attempt, police say

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — The two people shot Thursday night in Durham were 16-year-old burglary suspects, Durham police say.

Police say they believe at least one of the burglars was armed during the incident, which happened about 7:15 p.m. in the 2200 block of Dallas Street, police said. Police say charges against the homeowner are not being considered at this time, but add that the case remains under investigation.

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The homeowner told investigators that someone tried to kick in his door, according to police.

“As one suspect reached in through a broken window to open the door, the residents fired shots,” police wrote. “The female burglary suspect was shot in the back and the male burglary suspect was shot multiple times.”

A man called 911 and told a dispatcher that he had fired shots with an AR-15 rifle after someone tried to break in, recordings obtained by CBS North Carolina show. He tells a dispatcher that a “girl” is lying in front of him wounded.

“She was trying to break into (unclear) so you shot her, is that correct?” the dispatcher says.

“Yes,” the caller replies.

The caller estimates that a group of four or five people was trying to get in, but says they scattered when he fired.

The dispatcher advises the man to put down his rifle before police arrive.

Later, someone can be heard yelling to arriving officers, “Hey! Hey! I got another one shot up here.”

First-degree burglary charges are pending against the two teens who were shot, according to authorities.

Police arrested a second girl they say was involved in the incident. Alexis Shaw, 17, was charged with first-degree burglary. She was also wanted on warrants for burglary, conspiracy and felony larceny, police said.

She is being held in Durham County Jail under a $510,000 bond.

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