Durham rolling out new bike sharing program

Bicycles available in the Durham bike sharing program, which starts Monday.

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — On Monday the City of Durham will roll out a new bike sharing program which allows people to get around town for as little as $1.

LimeBike and Spin bikes will be popping up on Durham streets.

The two bike share companies allow riders to rent bikes using mobile apps. The way it works is you scan a QR code from the bike using your phone, pay the fee, and then ride.

A 30-minute trip costs $1 and the bikes can be picked up or dropped off anywhere the city allows bicycles.


For some in Durham, this is a cheaper option than buying their own bike.

“I walk around a lot or take public transit, or hitch a ride, but it would be nice to have a bike,” said Brittani Hubbard.

Hubbard lives and works in Durham. She says she’s been saving up to buy a bike, but the hundreds of dollars they cost is a big expense.

She says with a bike share option coming to town, she can save her money.

“I’m definitely going to take advantage of that,” she said.

A few miles away in Raleigh, LimeBikes have already been introduced.

“A lot of people use them I think they’re really cool,” said Sarah McConnell.

McConnell is a sophomore at North Carolina State University.

She says she and her friends use the bikes not only as a means of transportation but as an activity with her friends.

The back wheel of the LimeBikes are locked until a user pays, and if the bike is moved without paying an alarm from the bike indicated that police are being contacted.

One issue which has popped up is people have taken advantage of the honor system of returning the bikes.

Because the bike share does not have a specific docking location, LimeBikes have ended up in several interesting areas in Raleigh such as roofs, on top of bus stops, and on top of dumpsters.

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