24-year-old in court after Erwin triple shooting, police chase

Gregory Allen Taylor (Harnett County Sheriff's Office)

ERWIN, N.C. (WNCN) – Three people are hurt, and one man is in jail after an Erwin triple shooting, high-speed chase, and crash in Fayetteville.

Police say the shooter, Gregory Taylor, was in court Tuesday.

He is being held on a $300,000 bond.

But a damaged cop car is part of the reason they caught him.

Police say the gunman crashed into them, and gave up.

Police arrested him after they say he’d shot three people and led police on an hour-long chase.

Jessie Atkinson heard it all happening from her door step.


“I’m like three people got shot! Then I like freaked out,” said Atkinson.

It happened just two doors down from her.

“It was upsetting, cause I’m like wow, what if I’d been sitting out there and the bullet got me!,” said Atkinson.

But she had no idea the what else she was about to witness.

“I saw the blue lights in my window and seen two polices chasing the van down this way,” said Atkinson.

Police were in the middle of a chase to stop the gunman who they say just shot three people.

“It’s a possibility he used it three times already, what’s the possibility he might use it again,” said Erwin Police Chief Jonathan Johnson.

Police say they chased him for almost an hour from Erwin to Fayetteville.

At times going 100 miles an hour, until he crashed into a police car.

“I observed him through a handgun out the driver’s side door, a short distance later the vehicle come to a stop, the suspect surrendered after that,” said Johnson.

Taylor in jail facing a long list of charges, but neighbors worry, this shooting is not the end of it.

“We livin in some wicked times, and it’s time for people to get it together, all of us, cause if we don’t, it’s gonna be some more of this,” said Atkinson.

Police say when they interviewed Taylor, all he would say is that there was a disagreement, but wouldn’t say why he shot the three people.

Police two of the three victims are expected to be OK, one is still in the hospital in critical condition.

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