Durham begins study to ease downtown parking woes

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) – There’s no doubt Durham is a growing city.

But that growth also brings a new set of problems to fix.

One of those problems is a lack of parking downtown.

Trying to find parking in downtown Durham is a hassle for some.

“It seems to be a mess right now,” said Martin Buchanan.


“We actually lucked up to find some on the street today,” said Sarah McDonald. “But, we the lot we usually park in was four so we had to circle the block once but it didn’t take us too long today.”

The City of Durham says downtown is in high demand.

Right now, there’s a parking study as the city plans for parking needs for the next 10 years.

The study will cover downtown, as well as the extended downtown area from approximately Buchanan Avenue east to Elm Street and from Trinity Avenue south to Lakewood Avenue.

Some drivers say they expect parking spaces to get harder to find in Durham as the city grows.

“I guess that’s the trade-off, right,” asked McDonald. “Because you’ve got more businesses and more places to go eat in more places to enjoy then it becomes harder to park.”

“With all the construction going on and the amount of people that seem to be flowing into the city all the time it seems like it’s a quite a crowded endeavor to try to park,” said Buchanan.

The City is building a parking garage to meet parking needs. There will be five total downtown garages once it’s complete.

That means more space, in addition to metered parking, parking that Buchanan wishes could be longer.

“It’s limited time you have to keep coming out to work the meter so I wish they could just make it to where it could be longer than a two-hour slot,” he said.

The city has contracted with a third party to look at the time limits on these meters.

That information as well as other findings, and your comments will be part of this parking study.

Here’s a link to take that parking survey until Dec. 31.

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