Running paint taints Johnston County road

WILSON’S MILLS, N.C. (WNCN) – There isn’t a lot of traffic on Jones Road just outside the town of Wilson’s Mills in Johnston County.

The road is a little smoother than it used to be, but there is a problem – the state paid to have the road chipped and sealed, which is a much cheaper method than new asphalt.
Once the paving was finished it was time for new stripes.

But that paint didn’t stick.

The people that live around Jones Road say the road was paved almost four months ago and it has been dry the past couple of weeks.

The contractor decided to stripe the road the day before it rained.


But there could be other problems with the paint.

“I think it is bad paint, it has got to be because the paint had plenty of time to dry after it was painted,” said Ray Markcom.

According to some of the folks that live on the street, the road was striped one day and it rained the next.

“A couple of days ago, when it rained yesterday or the day before,” Megan Blackmon said.

Typically, road paint should be dry within a day, but there are two huge sections of the road where that is not the case.

Documents obtained by CBS North Carolina show the North Carolina Department of Transportation hired Whitehurst Paving out of Richmond, Virginia to repave or chip and seal 98 miles of Johnston and Wayne county roads.

Whitehurst, according to the state, hired another contractor to stripe the road, or at least attempt to do so.

“It looked like they were doing a good job, but it looked like the paint was bad or something,’ Markcom said.

NCDOT says the contractor is responsible for all the repairs.

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