‘You can’t steal my Christmas’ Knightdale woman says after thieving Grinch strikes

(Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina)

KNIGHTDALE, N.C. (WNCN) — The Grinch almost stole Jennifer Plonpen’s Christmas spirit.

“I have to admit I had a little crying spurt at first,” Plonpen said. “I was really upset and I was scared because I was in the house by myself at the time and they were right at my front door. So, I felt a little nervous that it was unsafe.”

Plonpen lives in the Amber Ridge neighborhood in Knightdale. She says in the middle of the afternoon on Wednesday someone ripped her icicle Christmas lights right off her front porch.

“I was shocked,” said Plonpen. “I had never even heard of Christmas lights being taken down for anywhere before. I mean I grew up in New York and I never heard of this, and I’m thinking here I am in Knightdale, this safe place, and here’s where it happens to me.”

At first Plonpen decided she would not redecorate.

“I feel almost betrayed because those lights are not for me, they’re for the neighborhood and it’s a little bit of betrayal to have them stolen,” she said.

But after posting about it on a Facebook community group, she’s reconsidered.

“You can’t steal my Christmas,” Plonpen said of the thief. “I’ve just gotten an overwhelming amount of people offering me lights. Everyone is offering me free lights, so I think that I’m gonna take somebody up on that offer and take some lights and put them up.”

This is something that has happened in Wake County in the past, but the sheriff says they have not had any reports of Christmas lights or decorations being stolen so far this year. Plonpen says she did not report this to the police, because she didn’t want to take their time away from more serious crimes.

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