‘Untouchables’ women’s football team to try for national championship

(CBS North Carolina)

(WNCN) — An unusual group of football players is around the corner from a national championship, but getting there has been no easy feat for these football players. They’re the Lady Untouchables.

“Untouchables is a nonprofit women’s flag football team,” said Team Captain Kiera Lynn.

“When you tell people you play football what’s their first reaction?” asked CBS North Carolina’s Sharon Tazewell.

“They’re like, huh,” laughs Lynn. “And the next question mostly from guys is, ‘What position do you play?'”

“They’re testing you,” Tazewell said.

“Right,” Lynn said. “Yes, they definitely are.”

“We have women on the team who are in their late 30’s and 40’s,” Lynn said. “We have nurses on the team, managers at companies on the team.”

IT, event planners, moms, you name it, but at night they trade in their stilettos and fancy clothes for cleats and pigskin.

“This is a great way to get some aggression out,” commented Tazewell.

“Yes! it really is! That’s kind of how I started playing,” Lynn said.

The undefeated team will soon be headed to their fourth national championship game in Florida.

“That’s kind of like the big dance,” said Lynn.

“You all know what we’re going for. We’re going for one thing. What’s our goal?” asked Coach Tomocus Alston.

“To win a national championship,” replied the Untouchables after a long practice.

“That’s it,” replied Alston.

The Lady Untouchables have a gofundme set up to reach their goal of $5,000 to help cover their expenses to play in the national championship in January. Here’s the link.

They’re also very active with community service. This summer they’re starting a physical fitness program for adolescent girls.

If you have a crowdfunding story send Sharon Tazewell an email at stazewell@wncn.com.

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