Hundreds gather to grill state officials on GenX

(CBS North Carolina)

HOPE MILLS, N.C. (WNCN) – Homeowners had the chance to take their concerns about Chemours and GenX directly to state officials Thursday evening.

Hundreds gathered inside Gray’s Creek High School for the event, which was sponsored by DEQ and DHHS.

“I have lived there since I was born, so I’m probably a great poster child for life time exposure,” one homeowner said.

“I reject the premise that I should accept any level of a man-made substance that is a spinoff of a known carcinogen,” another homeowner said.

It started back in September when the chemical GenX was found in private well water. To date 349 wells have been tested. The state found elevated levels of the chemical in 115 of them. 144 were found to have low levels.

“Are they being poisoned by cancer causing chemicals?” a Raleigh lawyer representing several homeowners asked.

DEQ and DHHS representatives tried to answer questions but admitted there’s a lot they don’t know.

“We are on that line of we have enough information to make a calculation and come up with a level and so that’s what we’ve done but it’s not set in stone. We are actively searching for more information,” a representative from DHHS said.

The state said it’s working with other states and the federal government on this. The area they’re looking at and the testing around the plant has once again expanded.

This as representatives told the crowd two criminal investigations into Chemours are underway, one state, the other federal.

The state said it would keep the public updated. No next meeting has yet been planned.

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