‘Bicycle Man’ program honors man who helped Cumberland County children

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — Organizers say there are 1,200 bikes in a Fayetteville warehouse ready to go to a child in need for Christmas.

It’s all a part of a program that started with one kid, one bike and a guy known as “Bicycle Man.”

“He didn’t have a very good bicycle, so my husband told him to come on over, and they worked on it and fixed it and he was a happy little camper,” said Ann Mathis, CEO of Bicycle Man Community Outreach project.

And from then on, Ann Mathis’ husband Moses, the “Bicycle Man,” kept fixing kids’ bikes.

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But her husband died four years ago.

“Before he died, I promised him that I would keep it going, as long as I have breath in my body I would keep it going,” said Mathis.

There’s now a sea of donated bicycles in the warehouse and an entire team of workers who fix them.

“It don’t take me too much time to fix on a bike, I could probably do 20 to 30 bikes a day if we’re here long enough,” said worker Keith Melvin.

Workers have the same passion to help kids as the “Bicycle Man.”

“When they ride out of here on a bicycle that they chose, that they pick, it’s an amazing feeling,” said Melvin.

All of the bikes will be given out Saturday to kids who signed up for the program through the school district.


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