NAACP getting involved after 16 given eviction notices following controversial decision

FARMVILLE, N.C. (WNCT) — The NAACP is now getting involved in the fight of more than a dozen tenants at Pine Grove Apartments in Farmville who say they’re being wrongly evicted.

The NAACP met with tenants at the Salvation and Praise Full Gospel Church Thursday night to find a solution for the residents who will be without a home after the New Year.

EARLIER: 16 tenants being evicted from NC apartments after controversial decision

Carolyn Baker is being evicted after living there for seven months.

“I need somewhere to live,” said Baker. “I cannot just jeopardize my living for someone else.”

She said her living in the neighborhood was wonderful until she received a letter saying she needed to turn in her key.

“It is so uncalled for,” Baker said.


She met with Farmville Housing Authority director Wendy Ellis, who said ultimately they can go to court over the matter.

“How is it that so many people got a letter for the same person?” said Baker. “How is he going to be all in them places at one time? That is what I am not understanding.”

Baker, plus 15 other residents in the neighborhood, are being evicted for reportedly having a man who is banned from the property — Terrell Harper — in their homes. They all deny that happened.

“I know for a fact, he has not been in here,” Baker said.

Baker’s daughter, Ashley Newton, said it is something that affects the whole family.

“(It’s) two weeks before Christmas, and it is very sad because I don’t have nowhere to go,” said Newton. “My son don’t have nowhere to go. My mother, she is an elderly woman. She don’t have nowhere to go.”

Neighbors who are not being evicted said it is “messed up” that it’s happening to good people in their community, who they say have never caused any problems.

Baker said she doesn’t understand why this problem can’t be solved.

“I hope what comes out of this whole thing is that we get to keep our place,” said Baker. “Because it is just so uncalled for that we are being evicted behind somebody we don’t know and something we don’t know about.”

We reached out to the housing authority again today, but still no one was available for comment.

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