Who will foot the bill for Fayetteville’s baseball stadium?

(City of Fayetteville)

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) – Construction crews are moving forward with plans to turn dirt into a $33 million baseball stadium in Fayetteville but area leaders are still trying to work out who is paying for it.

With just over a year left to build a baseball stadium from the ground up, construction crews aren’t wasting any time.

“We do subcontract all of the trade work, so we’re looking for all interested companies to bid,” said Senior Project Manager Roslyn Henderson.

Informational meetings are going on to hire out more construction crews to do the work.


“There’s a lot of grading work and dirt work things that need to be moved around as well as underground foundation,” said Henderson.

It all comes with a price, an estimated $33 million to finish the stadium.

But area leaders have been going back and forth about who’s paying for it.

“There was a little negotiation on the inter local agreement,” said Fayetteville Mayor Mitch Colvin.

The mayor says the agreement was that the city would use its tax dollars to pay for the stadium, but the county would help foot the bill with the money generated from surrounding developments.

“We’re talking about millions of dollars of the tax payer money and we wanna make sure the paper work gets complete,” said Colvin.

But county leaders were concerned about what was in that paperwork, something the mayor says they’re still working on to turn the plans for a stadium into a reality.

We’ve reached out to county commissioners to see whether they were still concerned about the money, but so far we have not heard back.

But in the meantime, construction crews say the work is on track to be finished by April 2019.

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