Christmas presents mom bought for family are stolen in Franklin County

Kathy Crudup at the shed where she stored the presents that were stolen. Photo by Kelly Kennedy/CBS North Carolina

LOUISBURG, N.C. (WNCN) — One Franklin County mother’s Christmas isn’t going to be as merry as she planned after she says a thief broke into her shed and stole all the presents she bought for her family.

Last year Kathy Crudup says she was too sick to work, so she could not buy her children any presents on Christmas.


“This year I prayed every day that the good Lord would give me strength just to keep going for me and my kids,” said Crudup.

The single mother of three says she bought a PlayStation four for her son, a TV for her daughters and tablets for her nephews, among other gifts.

“They had swiped all of my kids Christmas gifts. My nephews, my whole family’s gifts,” Crudup said.

Crudup says in total the crooks made off with nearly $4,000 worth of gifts.

Crudup says she’s disappointed her children won’t have presents to open up Christmas morning, but she says her kids know the holidays are more about family than things.

“They’ll be without gifts, but as long as each one of us wakes up in the morning time and sees each other and all of us are breathing that’s fine with me,” said Crudup.

Crudup reported the crime to the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. Deputies say they’re still investigating.


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