In wake of Matthew, Fayetteville neighborhood gets new exit

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — After one year and $1.6 MILLION, people who live in Fayetteville’s Rayconda subdivision have a new path out of their neighborhood.

Felipe Escalera was doing yard work this week, but last year it was a different story.

“We had no way out,” said Escalera.

He and his wife were trapped in the subdivision after Hurricane Matthew damaged two dams, cutting off the only two ways out of the neighborhood.

“When that went down there was chaos,” said Escalera, “My wife was pregnant at the time and good luck trying to get across should the due date come before that time.”

And he was not alone, more than 200 people who live in the Rayconda subdivision were stranded.
Emergency crews couldn’t get in, and residents couldn’t get out until crews made a make-shift dirt path.

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“This is an access first that was opened up as an emergency way,” said Fayetteville city spokesperson Kevin Arata.

That emergency road is now Pinewood Terrace.

“We already had plans to make a second way in and out of Rayconda, and so this Pine Wood Terrace approach is really a celebration of that coming into fruition,” said Arata.

But some people here don’t see it that way, concerned whether the work will be enough to hold traffic and stand through the next storm.

“It’s the holidays; nobody’s around, so as of now I don’t see a difference. But when everybody returns and we’re back to normal life in a day I suppose I can answer that question better then,” said Escalera.

The new road is the second entrance now open for people who live here.

The first one opened up back in February, when crews did an emergency fix to the road over one of the dams.


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