VIDEO: Dad tries son’s new hoverboard, realizes maybe it’s not for adults

SAN ANTONIO, TX (KXAN) — A San Antonio dad who decided to test out his 11-year-old son’s new Christmas toy realized maybe it wasn’t meant for adults.

On Christmas morning, Kristie Scipio posted on Facebook a video of her husband, Trez, testing out their kid’s new hoverboard go-cart. In the 50 second video, you can hear Kristie saying, “It’s a disaster,” as her husband maneuvers his body onto the hoverboard.

As he continues to figure out how the toy works, Kristie says, “I’m really not waking up the kids to go to the ER.”

Festively dressed in his Christmas onesie, Trez plants his feet and pulls the lever, which propels him forward into a piece of furniture. But then the cart goes into reverse and knocks Trez back into the pile of gifts next to the Christmas tree.

The video of “Santa” trying out the hoverboard go-cart has been viewed 18 million times and shared nearly 280,000 times.



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