Durham group being assembled to recommend fate of Confederate monuments

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Durham leaders will put together a team to decide what will happen to Confederate monuments on public property.

The city made history August 14 when a group of protesters knocked down and damaged a Confederate statue.

Today, the monument still stands in front of the old Durham County courthouse, but the statue is in storage.


Since that day, county commissioner chair Wendy Jacobs says thousands of people have reached out.

“People in our community wanted to have input into this process of deciding what do we do with this statue that’s been pulled down,” said Jacobs.

CBS North Carolina found out it could take a year before any decision is made.

“We are constrained by state laws about what we can and cannot do,” said Jacobs.

City council and county commissioners will appoint 12 people to a team by May.

That team, following state laws, will have until December to present recommendations to the committee.

“This is an issue, especially within the Durham County community,” said Gary Bush.

Bush presented a case study to the committee Tuesday with his colleagues.

They interviewed 53 random people. Nearly half believe Confederate monuments should be removed completely.

Bush shares their thoughts.

“Not erasing the history, because the history is the history,” he said. “But, placing these out of public view, that would force oppression or feelings or ill will towards those statues based on demographics.”

“This is an ongoing process to get support from the community and input on how to best move forward,” said Jacobs.


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