Son of Hurricanes’ TV voice has hockey career of his own

Matthew Forslund (Todd Gibson/CBS North Carolina)

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — For Matthew Forslund, the decision to become a goalie was an easy one.

“I wasn’t very good at forward,” he quipped.

So Forslund took on the responsibility of manning the most-scrutinized position in hockey.

Having a famous last name certainly adds to it. Forslund’s father, John Forslund, is the television voice of the Carolina Hurricanes.

“When you go out there, you’ve got a name on your back and you’re representing your family, no matter who your family is, so I guess I bear that responsibility and so does everybody else,” Matthew Forslund said.

His father says he handles it well.

“To his credit, he never wanted any extra attention, he made sure that he went about his business the right way,” John Forslund said.

“I don’t feel anything’s ever been handed to me so I’ve always worked extra hard to prove that my whole life,” the son said.

For rec hockey to travel hockey, that extra work Forslund put in paid off. He climbed the Hockey Ladder, joining the U.S. Premier Hockey League’s Carolina Eagles. After a successful season there, it was time for a migration north, to spend a season away from home, on his own, in Canada.

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“He’s 18 years old and we’re sending up to Nova Scotia, 21 hours away. How is this going to work?” John Forslund remembered wondering.

Matthew Forslund said it worked out just fine and even toughened him up.

“That first month was really tough, just being all those miles away from home,” he said.

But after a season with the Truro Bearcats it was time to head home.

“It’s really gotten to the point where Raleigh’s really becoming a major producer of hockey players,” the younger Forslund said.

“He wanted to be a part of something here,” his father said.

And Matthew Forslund’s second stint with the Carolina Eagles has been borderline spectacular: a 7-and-1 record with a sparking 1.43 goals against average and a save percentage of .954.

Lebanon Valley College in Pennsylvania took note of those numbers, and that’s where Forslund will play next year.

But he’ll still have his dad to lean on.

“I’ll always call him after a game I didn’t think was so good, and he’ll be real positive. He’s just like anyone else’s parent a great support system for me,” Matthew Forslund said.

“Nothing I can give him can help him technically,” his father said. “I’m like a fan.”


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