Raleigh elementary school teacher accused of harming teen son at basketball game

Jimmy Mallory (Raleigh-Wake CCBI)

WAKE FOREST, N.C. (WNCN) — Wake County schools officials have suspended an elementary school teacher who is accused of harming his teenage child during an incident at a community basketball game, officials confirmed Tuesday.

Jimmy Mallory, 48, of the 3200 block of Baynam Pond Road in Wake Forest, is charged with misdemeanor child abuse in connection with a Jan. 16 incident, documents show. The incident took place at a community basketball game at the Flaherty Park Community Center in Wake Forest, a town official confirmed.

A magistrate found there is probable cause to believe Mallory caused injuries that left the boy with lumps on the back of his head, court documents show.

Mallory is a second grade teacher at Brentwood Elementary School in Raleigh. He was suspended Monday. He had been hired by the Wake County Public School System in August 2010.

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Officials on Tuesday released a 911 call made from the community center during the incident that detail the altercation.

“I need someone to come right away, there’s a man beating up his son at Flaherty Park Community Center,” a woman said during the call she made to 911.

The woman told the dispatcher that the man was slamming his son’s head against a wall.

“I don’t know if he’s hurt or not. The guy slammed his head up against a concrete wall,” she said. “The father is out of control. Other parents couldn’t even get him calmed down, I’m afraid he’s in the parking lot somewhere but I don’t see him.”

During the call, the woman told 911 she lost sight of the father and his son.

“I think he’s sitting in his car,” she said of the teen boy. “Everybody is upset with me for calling the police because they said it’s going to make it a lot worse so they’re trying to keep him…they’re trying to hide the kid but I think he’s in this car that I’m looking at.”

Mallory was arrested the day of the incident, and his bond was set at $1,000 secured, court records show.


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