Complaints continue to roll in about Raleigh-based e-retailer

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) – A Raleigh based cyber–retailer company under court order provide refunds to consumers is apparently still not complying according to the Attorney General’s office.

Complaints about eRummagers surfaced almost nine months ago. It was emails from consumers and an alert by the Better Business Bureau that tipped us to problems with eRummagers.

Starting last May, customers complained they weren’t getting what they ordered and the company was being unresponsive.

For many customers, attempts to contact the owners proved fruitless and CBS North Carolina made several unsuccessful attempts to contact the owners of the company including making visits to the homes listed on public documents from the secretary of state’s office listing addresses that supposedly belonged to company officials.

As complaints piled up, the attorney general’s office became involved and the owner of the company was taken to court. The attorney general alledged eRummagers was engaging in deceptive business practices.

Back on November 13, a judge ordered eRummagers to begin paying back the many people who ordered items but never received them.

At the time in court, an assistant attorney general told the judge there were thousands of dollars owed to victims and the AG’s office wasn’t even sure if it had a full accounting of everyone who was owed money.

“We have incomplete list of outstanding orders,” assistant attorney general Kristine Ricketts told the court. “We know that because he (the owner) didn’t give us anything prior to October 2016.”

Ricketts said at the time, “We know there are complaints from May 2016. That being said, the list is over of 1400 people long. There’s $110,000 dollars owed in refunds.”

Following that November court hearing, the attorney for eRummagers told CBS North Carolina the refunds would be made “as soon as reasonably possible.”

When asked for a time frame for those refunds, attorney James Jorgensen said, “We’re working towards, and hope, by the end of the year.”

But as of late January, 2018, complaints continue to come in.

In the last week alone, consumer investigator Steve Sbraccia received three emails from people around the country about eRummagers failure to deliver goods or refunds.

The email writers asked where they could complain. They were directed to the attorney general’s office to add their names to those who were already seeking their money back.

When CBS North Carolina checked with the attorney general’s office to find out the status of the refund situation, we found out despite the court order, the company was still not in compliance.

Spokeswoman Laura Brewer says, “As far as we know, no payments have been made. Our office is exploring options for next steps.”

CBS North Carolina reached out to the attorney representing the company. Our phone call went to a voice mailbox which was full and couldn’t accept messages and an EMAIL to him asking for an update on the refunds has gone unanswered.


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