3-Degree Guarantee gives $2,300 to Caring House

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — After getting 23 of 31 days correct during the January 3-Degree Guarantee, Storm Team Chief Meteorologist Wes Hohenstein presented Caring House in Durham with a $2,300 check from CBS North Carolina and Allen Kelly & Company Heating and Air.

Each time the CBS North Carolina Storm Team gets the next day’s forecast correct within three degrees, CBS North Carolina and Allen Kelly & Company donate $100 to a charity. At the end of the month, all the money raised is totaled up and presented to that month’s group.

The guarantee benefits a new charity each month.

Caring House was selected as the January 2018 charity. It is located just down the street from the Duke Cancer Institute in Durham.

For 25 years it has provided a place for cancer patients from out of town to stay while getting treatment. Rooms are just $35 per night and in addition to providing an affordable place to stay, they also offer a support group built in with the other 17 patients staying at the house.

You can read more about the great work Caring House does and how you can help here.

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