Cumberland County schools dumps ‘not appropriate’ Get Real sex ed program

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. (WNCN) — With one, vote educators put an end to what’s known as the “Get Real” sex ed program in Cumberland County.

It’s a program that teaches kids about sex starting in the sixth grade.

“It got pretty descriptive as far as some of that information, our committee felt like it was simply not appropriate for our sixth-grade students,” said Tim Kinlaw, Cumberland County Schools Interim Superintendent


It’s the reason the superintendent says they’re going back to an old sex ed program that doesn’t talk about sex as much in the sixth grade.

“It’s more of an understanding you’re human — your body and the changes when you begin to become a teenager,” said Kinlaw.

Educators say the district used the old sex ed program back 2009 because of teen pregnancy.

So CBS North Carolina pulled the numbers for teen pregnancy in Cumberland County from the state.

There was a 19 percent drop in teen pregnancies from 2009 to 2010, the first year the sex ed program was used.

When the “Get Real” program was used in 2015, numbers show teen pregnancy went down 13 percent after the first year.

“The “Get Real” curriculum really focuses on decision making and what’s good about that is that children face decisions all the time,” Tania Connaughton-Espino,  Director Of Community Initiatives for Cumberland County Schools.

But the school board disagreed and voted against the use of “Get Real.”

Educators say the old sex ed program dubbed “Reproductive Health and Safety” will be put back into use immediately.

Educators say parents can still opt out of the program.


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