You could get the flu more than once this year

TAMPA, Fla. (WFLA) — There are as many as four strains that are active this flu season and some doctors tell 8 On Your Side another strain could be on the way.

They say this is why, even if you’ve already had the flu but never got the vaccine, you should get the shot now.

“He had the flu right before Christmas break. after winter break, he went back to school, he had the flu again,” says parent Melissa Chavarria.

The predominant and most severe virus is classified as type “A” but there are also type “B” strains. So, even if you get sick with one, it’s possible you can still get infected with the others.

“Once you’ve gotten one strain of the flu, you are protected from getting that exact strain again. After a while, once your immune response sort of slows down a little bit, you are still susceptible to catching one of the other three strains,” says Dr. Nicole Bouvier.

Tampa Bay area day cares are working hard to teach kids the importance of washing their hands and disinfection surface areas, but say it’s up to the parent to keep it up at home.



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