Chemours reports 2 more GenX spills at Fayetteville plant

Chemours plant (

SOUTHEASTERN NORTH CAROLINA (WECT) – Chemours has reported two more GenX spills in recent weeks at its Fayetteville Works facility.

According to letters sent to the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality, the spills took place on Jan. 25 and Feb. 1.


A total of four spills have been reported in recent months.

In the Jan. 25 spill, Chemours said that a technician that was attempting to unclog a drain spilled approximately one gallon of liquid, which may have contained small amounts of GenX, while removing grating.


Chemours reported that the spilled liquid landed on a concrete pad and “dribbled down to the curb on to the rocks and dirt.” The company said that the rocks and were dirt that were exposed to the liquid were collected in a drum, and that the concrete pad area was sprayed with vinegar and cleaned with absorbent pads.

In its letter to the DEQ, Chemours states, “based on visual observation, no liquid reached the stormwater ditches or public waters.”

On Feb. 1, a contractor was attempting to connect a hose from a diversion tank to a tanker truck when a gallon of waste water came out of the hose.

The water spilled into concrete and asphalt in the area but did not reach soil, rocks or storm drains, according to Chemours.

The company states in the letter that a caustic neutralizer and absorbent pads were used to clean up the spill.

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