Fear of rabid bats closes Edgecombe County Veterans Military Museum

TARBORO, N.C. (WNCN) – The Edgecombe County Veterans Military Museum is closed while wildlife agents and local animal control staff investigate bats inside the facility, according to Edgecombe County officials.

The museum has been closed at least a week and a post on the facility’s Facebook page says it has been closed for “maintenance issues.”

But a release on Edgecombe County’s website, titled “Veterans Museum Bat Press Release,” spells out the reason behind the closure.

If you have visited the museum in the last 6 months and may have been in contact with a bat, please call the Edgecombe County Health Department at (252) 641-7505.

“Not all bats carry rabies, but they are considered a high-risk species for rabies transmission,” the county’s release says. “Since bats can transmit rabies through superficial contact or an unnoticed encounter, any potential exposure to a bat requires a thorough evaluation and risk assessment.”

CBS North Carolina will update this story as it develops.

For additional information on Rabies and bat exposures please visit http://www.cdc.gov/rabies/bats or contact Edgecombe County Health department at (252) 641-7505.



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